Thursday, June 24, 2010

Welcome to Taking Back Modesty

I want this blog to be a path to bring back modesty. I want to encourage people, females especially everywhere, that it's okay to be modest. I want to show in a perspective from a man, what guys see and think. I want females to be informed of what goes through a guys mind, and how clothing says a lot to a male. Females might think they want to look good, and I don't intend to make guys stare or think not so great things. But, sadly guys do think things and stare when they see more than they need to. That is why I am writing this blog. My intention is not to be negative about females or there styles, just to help and encourage that a change needs to be made. You can either disagree, agree, or share your opinions. Warning: I will be candid and I will make sure my sources are backed up (with out using Wikipedia).

To start: As a man I see every where females of all ages, showing way too much. It does not matter if they are 5 or 50+, female clothing styles are way too revealing. It's either too little clothing or too tight. It might seem weird coming from a guy, I feel as if females are dressing in a way that reveals more than the world needs to see, then maybe it's time to change that. As I begin this blog I am going to start off with these topics:

What happened to Modesty?

The Super Fine line between...

Since when does age not matter?

She wore an isty bitsy little...